Amazing Performances in Orphan Black

I stumbled across this show one evening on Netflix’s and was hooked from the first episode.

As unique selling points go, Orphan Black’s is just that extra bit special. This Canadian-made show about a young woman who discovers she is one of a “family” of clones.  What makes it stand out because of the amazing perfomance, or rather performances, of the lead actress, Tatiana Maslany.

Maslany plays half a dozen different clones over season one, with many more in the second season. This is Olympic-level, endurance acting. It’s like watching a long-distance runner do several races all at once. It’s always clear which clone she’s playing – accent, attitude and body language, along with wardrobe and makeup conspire to create Maslany’s collection of characters.

The real fun with watching this show comes from watching Maslany immersing herself in myriad layers of performance.  The Costume Department Set Supervisor Peter Webster does an amazing job defining the looks for each clone.  He truly captures the personality of each character.

Of course, Maslany may be the best thing about the show, but she’s not the only good thing about it. There’s also Jordan Gavaris as her foster brother Felix, whose scenes with Maslany demonstrate great and their bickering banter will be familiar to many siblings.

The plot has its twists and turns, mixing in science and suspense, as the clones get closer to the truth of why they were created. There’s intrigue and danger in every episode.

Orphan Black is an amazing showcase for Maslany’s talents: skills that few could match even if given the opportunity. It’s the sort of performance that will never become boring and is remarkable enough to warrant your time to watch.